Video Marketing: The 8 Biggest Advantages

Video has become a widely used marketing tool in recent years. But what is video marketing exactly? Video marketing is a form of marketing in which a video is used to inform viewers about your products and services in order to get the viewer involved in your organization. Obviously, the main goal of marketing is to increase brand awareness and gain a larger market share (‘marketing’ comes from the words: Market Getting). Provided that it is executed well, marketing can, among other things, lead to an increase in turnover.

Video marketing allows you to serve different goals. But above all, video has several advantages. For this post we have collected and listed eight advantages of video marketing.

The advantages of video marketing

Advantage 1: Video is easy to find in search engines

Videos have a high ranking in Google, YouTube and other search engines. Many search engines index websites with videos better than websites without them. Video's make it easier to find your website in the search engines.

Advantage 2: Video is popular

Video is immensely popular. 4 billion YouTube videos are watched every day worldwide. YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. Online video advertising is also the fastest growing part of marketing in Europe and is currently used by 90% of marketers.

Advantage 3: Videos are shared more often

Videos are not only very popular, but they are also shared very often. Content mainly consisting of video is shared twice as much as ordinary text. This means that you'll reach more people, people you wouldn't reach with any other form of content.

Advantage 4: Video is easy to understand

People are visual. We record visual messages more easily and link elements of visual messages more quickly. That's why many people are willing to watch video content rather than read a long text.

Advantage 5: Video conveys emotion better

Video makes it easier to use verbal and non-verbal communication. The advantage of this is that you can add emotions to the story. Voice elevation, happiness, a smile, tears of sadness, depression and other emotions are more difficult to convey with text alone.

Advantage 6: People remember video messages better

People soak in a lot of information on a daily basis, and by no means all this information is remembered, nor would that be necessary. However, it is important that the message that your video conveys is remembered. Video will help you with this, because video messages consist of image, sound and text. Messages transmitted via video are much better remembered than text messages.

Advantage 7: Video is social

Besides the fact that most people prefer to watch videos online, they're also easy to distribute. Viewers can provide real-time feedback on the content in the form of comments and likes and interactions can arise between viewers and your organization.

Advantage 8: Video can be used within other marketing formats

Last but not least, videos make it easier to sell your product or service. Online consumers who fall within your target audience are more likely to make a purchase if they have viewed video content about the product or service in question. Video is therefore an excellent medium to use within different marketing formats. For example, you can put video on your website, share it on social media in your email marketing, and even on television. Super versatile!


Videos are super beneficial and should be included in any marketing plan. If you don't use video marketing yet, you are actually putting yourself on the background, allowing your competition to get ahead.

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