About Us

You've probably got a ton of concerns in your mind. We don't blame you! With way too many claims, promises, and guarantees, the video animation market is cluttered and confusing to understand. It's difficult to clear the fog when every business claims to be “customer first.” Fact is, you need a partner who understands your pain and guides you in the right direction. ... and that's exactly what defines our purpose at REAL SALES VIDEO. While we love to make jaws drop when our shiny new video hits someone for the first time, we also understand how crucial these videos are for your business. We lay a special focus on the core concept of storytelling and generating a reaction that leads the viewer to take the next ACTION. The core idea is to offer you the resources to succeed and grow your business in the best way possible. So whether you're looking for a thought-provoking video that explains your concept, or you’re just starting out in need of a hot pitch for your investors. ...we're there for you, and we'll ensure there's absolutely no way you get derailed from your vision. Whatever your needs are, we’re here to offer a lasting solution. Our experience of producing distinct animation videos for entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and MNCs from around the world sets us apart. Once we're done with the project, we analyze and spend our valuable hours trying to improve our processes further and make them “ripped.” Since a large chunk of our work involves “selling ideas and visions,” we've successfully developed a firm understanding about the trigger points that make an audience act and react. That's precisely the reason most of our repeat customers appreciate and acknowledge our potential to identify and highlight these trigger points for their audience... and that's not all. With transparent systems and straightforward pricing structure, we ensure that you stick with original costs and timeline, with no unexplained budget blowouts down the line. So, the math on this is simple.

  • If your core idea is too simple or too crazy
  • If your product is complicated
  • If services that your offer are too simplistic
  • If your prospects don’t ‘get it’
  • If they don't know, but they need your product
  • If they are not even aware of your existence

... let ’s work together & breathe life into your vision. You'll also see how we at REAL SALES VIDEO repeat our success from project to project, every time! Contact us today, even if you are still in the research phase. You get a free quote and tons of resourceful expert advice. The next move is up to you!