4 Reasons Why Video Animation Is Key In Any Marketing Plan

Reaching new customers is the main reason why a company uses marketing in the first place. By now most companies are doing online marketing in addition to traditional marketing. Unfortunately, not all companies are yet aware of the huge benefits of video marketing, and especially marketing by using animation videos.

Video marketing is a trend already and will be indispensable in the years to come. Research has shown that in the years ahead at least 80-90% of all content on the internet will consist of video.
As a company, you'd better get on it right away.

The effect of marketing with animation videos

Animation explanation videos have become mightily popular in recent years. The reason behind this is that animation videos are quite versatile. An animation video can show a product, idea or service of your organization in a creative way. By using animation videos, you are able to communicate your story and message in a unique way to your target audience.

Research shows that people would rather watch a video of a product or service 4 times over than read 1 text. News letters with an animation in them have a higher click-through ratio, up to an astonishing 96 percent higher!

So it's fair to conclude that people are psychologically inclined to consider moving images more interesting and captivating. An animation video attracts attention and is better at explaining something. This is why marketing with animation videos is so popular on social media.

Advantages of animation explainer videos

1. Animation video enhances the image

Practically every customer nowadays searches for relevant information about the company’s product or service he or she wants to purchase. Such research often takes quite some time, because they don't know how the company or product works exactly. They want to make sure they make the right choice. This can often take hours. An animation video is the right tool to convince someone of a product or service in an instant. A video captivates a potential customer straightaway.

An animation video allows you to quickly and easily explain to the customer what your product or service is about and how it works. You can even use "real" customer reviews in your animation or include a link in the animation video to the website or a specific page on the website.

2. Marketing with Animation videos increases brand awareness

The fact that (animation) videos are shared so often allows you to reach many more potential customers. If people find your video beautiful and/or interesting, chances are they are willing to share it with the people in their network. This in turn provides your company with more brand awareness, website visitors and significantly increases the conversion to paying customers.

3. An explainer video explains a product or service

Our brain picks up visual messages more easily compared to messages in text form. An animated explanation video helps you clarify your message, service or product. You can also add all kinds of emotions to make enhance your message even more.

4. Animation videos increase conversion to websites

A good animation video creates interest in the product or service and brings traffic to your website. This is why marketing with animation videos is so important. We create an animation video as attractive as possible, but don't forget to link it to your website when using the animation video. Your potential customers will not only view your animation but will also get the opportunity to get to know any other products or services you offer.


Marketing with animation video has become an indispensable part of any marketing plan nowadays. Marketing with animation video is effective and helps to reach new customers and inform them about your product, service or idea.

Would you like to receive more information about marketing with animation videos or the possibilities of animation videos for your organization? Don't hesitate, please contact us. We're happy to help you out!