4 Reasons Why Social Media Animation Videos Are The Most Effective

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube... Social media are extremely important in the lives of most people. Social media is the place to see and be seen. For a company, it is important to only post information that attracts attention. Here is where social media animation videos come into play. Over the past few years we've seen how animation videos have become incredibly popular. And the reason behind it is that a funny or interesting social media animation video is shared much faster.

Animation videos can be used for different purposes. But especially social media animation videos are incredibly effective. Research from Facebook shows that the intention to purchase products and services increased by 74% because many more people share social media animations on their platform with their network. Actually, that's not surprising when we consider the uniqueness of animation videos. But there's more... and we'd like to explain it below:

1. Easily respond to social media

Every company needs to get feedback from their target audience. Because of the easy accessibility of social media, everyone can respond quickly and easily in the form of a comment to your posted social media animation video. This allows you to gather valuable information about the needs of your target audience.

2. Get all the attention with social media animation videos

You are constantly bombarded with information on the internet. News feeds on popular social media are updated every few seconds. Therefore it is not surprising that Internet users now have a super short attention span and prefer not to spend too much time looking at written content. A good social media animation video allows you to keep their attention for a long time when you use the right elements. Multiple emotions simultaneously, numbers and data that have a high impact value and/or interesting study results, are just some of the elements that you can implement in your social media animation video to attract and retain the attention of your target audience.

3. Social media animation videos are fun and likeable

The human brain likes to be entertained and therefore loves interesting, impactful or fun videos. An animated video tutorial makes it easy to tell your story in a comical way, without the core message getting lost. If you ensure your social media animation video is funny, special or interesting, more people will share it with their network. This results in increased brand awareness, increased conversion and more sales.

4. Animation videos create Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and is almost always accompanied by a time or a moment in the past. Social media videos remind us of the good times of our childhood. Many people only associate positive emotions with their childhood. This positivity is a perfect emotion to evoke in your social media animation video.


Putting up a Social media animation video offers many advantages! There are millions of people online at the same time, and they'll share your video with even more people. Social media animation videos are therefore incredibly effective.

If you also want to stand out on social media with your own unique animation explainer video, we can provide you with an animation video tailored to your service, product or organization. Please contact us for an informal consultation or view our products here.