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Animated explainer videos for any mission, service, product, or idea. Just get your word out and leads in…

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Real Sales Video

Helps Your Business To…:

Get Much Better Conversions

Higher engagement and conversion rates with a lower ad budget.

Simplify Tortuous Concepts

Solve business challenges while leaving a lasting impression.

Hook Audiences

Keep everyone glued up for a launch, product or campaign.

Command Instant Attention

Explain your offering so your audience can see, hear, & feel the benefits.

Make it Easier to Grasp

Animated videos work best for a sceptical audience.

Start More Iterations

Videos can can be reused multiple times to get greater results.


Below you can check out our video portfolio. Click the video thumbnails and see which type of animation video fits best with your project.

2D Animation

  • Portray through rich colours
  • Visualize for maximum impact
  • Introduce cool characters
  • Enhances your brand value
  • Persuade with clever messaging


  • Show your USP’s with smashing graphics
  • Amazing data visualization & creativity
  • Make fun viral content in a jiffy
  • Use the illusion of motion to convey
  • A blend of multimedia, & creativity


  • Tap into the world of unlimited graphics
  • Supercharge your sales & marketing game
  • Perfect for ideas that need an explanation
  • Fastest medium to improve conversion
  • Powerful sketches for product storytelling


  • Showcase the usability of your application
  • Compelling visualizations in a tight storyline
  • Convert tricky subjects into relatable visuals
  • Illustrates engaging stories
  • ANV tech to explain complex ideas


  • Unlimited possibilities for every message
  • The best way to capture the attention
  • Perfect for product launches
  • Great for showcasing your distinctiveness
  • Fully custom made animations


Tim de Jong

It’s the best decision we made so far!

Owner @ Social Forest Marketing

Founder and owner @ Klantwijs

The team of Real Sales Video has a very efficient workflow

Founder and owner @ Klantwijs

Owner @ Landscaping company de Rooij

After delivering our input, the team behind RSV made sure our information was turned into a powerful story

Owner @ Landscaping company de Rooij

Lawyer and owner @ Conflictmeester

I am impressed by the professionalism of this start-up

Lawyer and owner @ Conflictmeester

Owner @ Chantal Lefeber Real Estate Agents

Absolutely great! Thanks for the quick and pleasant turnaround! See you soon!

Owner @ Chantal Lefeber Real Estate Agents

Real Sales Video

Offers You:


Classy Voiceover,
Music, & Effects

Top of the line studio voiceover, background dialogues, music, and SFX. Appeals instantly to the auditory senses of your audience.


One-on-One Project

Many opportunities for you to give feedback. Regular online meetings with real-time updates to always keep the project on track.


Guaranteed Website

We’ll work to ensure your video becomes the most important sales tool. Your visitors instantly fall in love with your website.


Fixed-priced Packages for all missions

Like you, we dislike price changes that happen in the middle of a project. All-inclusive price with no additional charges for revisions.


Seasoned Script

We work with handpicked experts for copywriting and script creation tasks. Top professionals with years of experience under their belt.


Studio Like
Animation Videos

Genuinely irresistible visual masterpieces customized for your business. Without burning your budget & spending big money


Big Jump in
conversion rates

Make your prospects more likely to purchase. Improve conversion. The perfect long-term strategy to attain your business goals.


Swift Turn

Streamlined processes help us deliver in less than two weeks. Depending on your specific wishes, deadlines and changes during the development phase.


Finalize Script

After an online meeting we finalize your script based on the creative brief, goals, objectives and your custom needs.

Create Storyboard

We create a storyboard with a rough sketch of all the frames included in your video – just like a comic book!

Design Style Frames

We’ll extract images from the storyboard to showcase the character designs, pallets, and graphics. Then we compose the illustrated frames.

Final Animation & Delivery

We’ll add the custom music, sound effects, and voiceover to bring an incredible story to life. WOAH! Your video is ready to face the world.

I’m really intrigued! What’s the next step?

Upon placing your order with Real Sales Video you receive a link to our online questionnaire. Herewith you can tell us your precise requirements for your project. As soon as we received your information your personal projectmanager will contact you for the first creative briefing.

Only after having an excellent understanding of your overall objectives, we will start with the development of your unique sales explainer video.

It is possible to send us your own script but if desired the script writing professionals of Real Sales Video can make an amazing script for your project. Once you approve the script, we’ll forward it to our specialists and start illustrating the theme of the storyboard.

When the theme for the storyboard is decided, we’ll illustrate the complete storyboard as per the approved script. You also receive pre-selected voiceover samples from which you can choose the sound that matches perfectly with your project.

Once we sync the voiceover to your storyboard animation, you will get to see a preview of the video. We’ll wait for your inputs, revisions or amendments you’d like to propose. Once done with the modifications, we will make the final delivery in a high quality (.mp4) format.

YES, your video is ready to shine!

When will my video be ready?

We complete a general video production project within 2 weeks. This depends upon your specific requirements and deadlines. Because quality matters, we never recommend to speed up the process unless there is an urgent requirement. Revisions during the production process could affect the delivery term.

Can you make a video in a specific style I like?

Yes! If you’ve imagined it, we can make it.

What if I don’t like the video?

We fully understand how important this video is for your business. This is why we offer free revisions.

Do I need to provide content?

Our storytellers can create the perfect script for you based on the specific needs of your audience. But it is no problem to submit a script you developed yourself! We will analyse this and provide you with feedback how we can implement this in your project.

How long should a video be?

With reduced attention spans, short videos (30-90 secs) perform exceptionally well. Rule-of-thumb: every 30 seconds of video equals roughly 75 words. Need a video longer than 90 seconds? Please let us know.

What are the payment terms?

50% of the total invoice can be paid with submitting your order. The remaining 50% when the video is completed. You can pay easy and securely with ia. PayPal, Master Card, VISA, American Express, and iDEAL.

I would like to talk to someone first

No problem! Before, during and after development of your project our professionals are available via phone, e-mail and the interactive online chat on our website. Please also visit our process page for a detailed explanation of our production process.